Our goal is to ensure that modern medical treatments and new techniques of orthopaedic rehabilitation are available to regular people and not only professional athletes in big cities.
We believe that through educating the kids about injury prevention and our outstanding personalised approach to each patient we can demonstrate to a wider audience that we can treat injuries in a different, better way. As OMS founder, Bartłomiej Kacprzak, MD, always says: ‘I really wish my patients needed to visit me only once’.

What we do

Everything we do is based around Orto Med Sport clinics.
OMS branches in Łodź, Warsaw, Sopot, Bielsko-Biała and Opoczno offer a full range of orthopaedic treatments, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We use the latest advanced methods of treatments,
state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology and devise a tailored programme for each patient. This approach has allowed us to grow rapidly over last two years. It’s a trend that we would like to keep up and reach out to more people through collaboration. We are looking for partners, distributors and franchising out our services.

OMS Roll Products

OMS Roll brand was created by our experienced doctors and physiotherapists.
They designed our professional rollers for myofascial release massage as well as our wellbeing and injury prevention educational programme, OMS Academy, aimed both at kids and adults.
OMS Kids Roll is the first foam roller in the world, designed specially for children over 6yo.
Our commercial offer includes distribution contracts for all products in the OMS Roll range as well as the OMS Life Water.
We also offers franchise agreements for OMS clinics which can be run as either physiotherapy only or a combination of private orthopaedic treatments, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
We look forward to collaborate with all interested medical professionals: doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists who share our vision of advanced modern medicine, groundbreaking treatments and professionalism.

Are you interested in our commercial offer?

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