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Orthokine® injections

Orthokine® injections

Orthokine involves administering to a patient a mix of autologous serum proteins obtained from their own blood. As a mix of autologous serum proteins, Orthokine® is not considered a foreign substance by the patients' body. The method restores balance (homeostasis) in an inflammatory site, thus slowing or completely resolving inflammation and progressive tissue destruction. It is also very effective facilitating healing in patients after injuries, ensuring speedy recovery.


First, a blood sample is taken from the vein on a patient's forearm using a special EOT®II system syringe. Growth factors as well as so-called interleukin antagonists (e.g. IL-1Ra), which inhibit inflammation at the injection site, are enriched in the serum by the special processing method.


The autologous conditioned serum (for short: ACS) is prepared and injected into the joint of the patient the blood was collected from.

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