Self-massage, also known as self myofascial release, with the OMS Roller


– yep, that colourful roller… What is it exactly?


In the world of fitness, the roller has emerged as the must-have exercise accessory for recovery and strength. Rolling, and the roller itself, are by no means new and innovative inventions – professional sportspeople have been using rollers and rolling techniques for years to aid in regeneration and improve performance. Today, more and more trainers, coaches and both pro and amateur athletes appreciate the benefits the roller has to offer.

OMS Roll - professional sport roller

OMS Roll – professional sport roller

How does OMS Roller work and why is it so effective?


After a vigorous exercise or workout, it is common to feel pain which appears suddenly and won’t go away even though we have given ourselves enough time for recovery.

This type of pain is related to the body’s fascia – a thin sheet of membrane that surrounds all muscles. When we exercise, repeating the same movements under load over and over, we can strain our fascia. This leads to the fascia adhering our muscles, making them less flexible and obstructing blood flow. The net effect is poorer oxygenation overall and thus poorer performance. When fascia adhere to muscle tissue, our blood cannot easily transport oxygen and nourishing substances, nor can it remove harmful metabolites from our system. This, in turn, leads to the formation of myofascial trigger points and to pain.

Wałki OMS Roll polecane przez Lukasa Haraslina i Kamila Dankowskiego


OMS Roller and trigger points


Self-massage loosens up those trigger points, as these structures relax under pressure, and fascia detaches itself from muscles. Fascia impacts the way we move, our posture and our perception of pain. Relaxing the fascia through rolling accelerates regeneration, decreases post-workout muscle soreness, and helps us relax.

And all that thanks to this plain roller! Every day (or every other day), 15 to 30 minutes of rolling is enough to reduce built-up tension and pain in the body. Since rolling relaxes and loosens our muscle tissue, it is also a perfect sleep-inducing solution for anyone experiencing sleep issues or stress in their work. Rolling works the same way sports massage does, except that we can do it ourselves! Rolling is a useful habit to cultivate – a basic everyday activity related to a healthy lifestyle. After all, good health and fitness is our priority.

Everybody rolls!

OMS Roll Kids at Bełchatów Cup- rolling with Dr Kacprzak

OMS Roll Kids at Bełchatów Cup- rolling with Dr Kacprzak

Łukasz Teodorczyk poleca OMSRoll

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