Rafał Kęska, lekarz ortopeda w Orto Med Sport

Rafał Kęska

MD, PhD, specialising in orthopaedics and traumatology

A graduate of the 6-year MD programme at the Medical University of Lodz, Dr.Rafał Kęska started his career in the Radlinski Voivodeship Centre for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System in Lodz and the Clinical Department of Reconstructive and Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee Joint. At present, he has been working for the Clinic of Adult and Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery (Independent Public Complex of Health Care Facilities) at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz. In the Orto Med Sport clinic, he focuses on sports orthopaedics and traumatology, performing ultrasound scans of the locomotor system, including examinations of infants’ femoral joints. He also conducts surgical procedures in tandem with Dr.Kacprzak. In his free time, he is very fond of mountain trekking.