Paweł Drużek, Trener Mentalny, Orto Med Sport

Paweł Drużek

Mental Coach

Paweł Drużek specialises in working with sportspeople and coaches. He has developed his own programme called ‘Train the winner’s mentality’, which helps break psychological barriers and limitations that professional players face on their road to a championship.

He believes that the magic of overcoming such barriers entails risking everything for a dream that nobody else but you believe in.

His professional motto is: ‘You are the cause of most things that happen to you’.

At the beginning of his co-operation with any given sportsperson, he sets them a goal – he expects his patients to have the best results they can get.

An eternal optimist, a great fan of football, tennis and skiing, and an avid reader, he also loves spending his time in good company.